Contract Hotels helped our business association immensely in our hotel negotiations. Like a professional sports agent who equalizes the bargaining power of the prominent athlete, their representation created an empowering relationship for us with the hotel management. Because of this, we received excellent service from the hotel staff.
Bryan Varner
Attorney at Law, Construction Specifications Institute Annual Conference, 2001

Having worked in the hospitality industry for 17 years, Contract Hotels is absolutely refreshing to work with as my client. Contract Hotels is an example of an intermediary consultant group who truly desires to partner their customers with hotels. They’re willing to look outside of the box and get creative with the hotels to make it a win-win for both parties. In a buyer's market, this kind of consultant is rare to come by.
Laurie Munos
Global Account Director, Marriott Hotels Worldwide

Angela is a joy to work with. Having worked with her on several large conferences, I know that she is a pro at hotel / event site selection. She has had a great deal of experience with a variety of hotels throughout the U.S., and she is an expert at contract negotiation and at handling the myriad tasks and challenges that one encounters in successfully organizing events. Angela is my first call when a company asks for help in planning an event.
Vivian V. Russell
Vivian V. Russell Travel

Contract Hotels’ negotiation is thorough and meticulous. Our rate was fantastic, every detail was covered and all possible concessions gained. The real value is execution, and in this area, they receive high marks. It has been a real joy working with them and I look forward to future programs with Hotel Contracts.
Steve Anton
Anton Meeting Management

Angela Capo Persinger is absolutely one of the most organized and professional women I have met in the meeting planning industry. Angela has negotiating skills that will help you meet your budget, while never compromising the quality of your meeting space or relationship with the hotel. Having the opportunity to work side by side with Angela, I couldn't be more happy recommending her to clients all over the world. She's the BEST!
Susan Hamilton
Apples & Oranges Event Planning, Napa Valley

In my experience working with Contract Hotels over the last several years, I have found them to be an organized, efficient and highly competent meeting planner. In dealing with industry partners, they continuously strive to create "win-win" solutions and genuinely cares about her relationships with customers and vendors alike.
Julie Lukoski
Senior Sales Manager, Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina

I have worked with Contract Hotels over the past 3 years on several large conferences and they have an excellent understanding of what it takes to put together a conference from the ground up. Their expectations for perfection when dealing with hotel contracts and logistics places them at the top of the list of meeting planners that I work with on a daily basis.
Elaine Clancy
National Sales Manager, The Westin Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA

Having provided technical services to the event industry for over 10 years, I've seen many different styles of leadership amongst our clients and fellow vendors. Contract Hotels’ communication skills are absolutely unparalleled. Whether coordinating F&B for thousands of attendees, or maneuvering for discounts within a venue's labyrinthine costs, I stand in awe of their empathy and ability to ask the right questions. Contract Hotels’ events are highly valued at our company -- we know that each one will be a professional and efficient event from start to finish. I do not hesitate to recommend her as an event planner. Angela's events are highly valued at our company -- we know that each one will be a professional and efficient event from start to finish. I do not hesitate to recommend her as an event planner.
David Hopper
Director of Operations, Global Event Services, Inc.

In the many years I have been in the hospitality industry, I have never met a more talented, honest and capable meeting planner than Angela Capo Persinger. Angela's dedication to her clients and hotel partners truly sets Angela apart from the rest when resolving those "sticky" situations that always arise during contract negotiation. Additionally, Angela's tremendous knowledge of conference logistics proves to be a priceless asset during the site selection process. In the complicated world of event and conference planning, Angela's professionalism and enthusiastic attitude contribute to a flawless and successful program.
Michael Gammons, CMP
Sales Manager, Westin Hotels & Resorts

Like a sports agent who equalizes the bargaining power of the professional athlete, when Contract Hotels started representing us the response we were getting from the hotel went from "ho hum" to "how HIGH".
Bryan Varner
Attorney at Law, CSI Annual Conference

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