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Plane Tickets – Buy Early or Wait?

Here’s a great NY Times article today on something most of us wonder about:

Hotel Room Rates Rebound in N. America’s Priciest Cities

Folks are asking me quite a bit these days about the economy as well as global issues, and asking “aren’t they making hotel rates cheaper”? Truth is room rates are rebounding in North America’s priciest cities. Consumers were able to land relatively good rates on hotel rooms in New York and Honolulu last year, but prices in the most expensive North American cities are starting to head up. Last year, prices on hotel rooms in New York, Honolulu, Chicago, Boston and other major cities dropped 2% on average. In 2009, prices on hotel rooms in those cities plunged 10% or more. “There is still value [for consumers] in the marketplace, but we seem to be slowly climbing out of the ditch,” said Victor Owens, vice president of

Attitude And Gratitude – What Matters Most!

A little something to share that I think is straight on the money!

From the Article: Life is a series of choices. You get to choose. My first book, (John Mariotti) The Power of Partnerships, was all about partnering in a business sense, with customers, associates, suppliers and truth-tellers. These are critical choices about whom you choose to work with and around. I chose the acronym, CAST, to describe those most important partners. Choosing the right partners is critically important.

If you choose the right partners, and have the right attitude, you will get plenty of chances to show gratitude. If not, well, let’s hope you don’t make the wrong choices. Remember, life is like that mirror­, it reflects back to you whatever you show it. Make the right choices. Keep working on that positive, upbeat attitude, and when it works­ and it will­ show true gratitude. Say “please,” and then say “thank you.” Your life will be so much better, all because of your attitude and gratitude.

A big THANK YOU to all our partners and friends out there. We’re making RIGHT choices! Happy Wednesday everybody!

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